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Thokbook is a personal library system, written in perl. It is intended for medium to large individual collections (several thousand books). With thokbook, you don't need to enter large amounts of information for each of your books. Just scan its barcode and thokbook will get the rest of the information from Amazon. Then you can create web pages so you can list all your books or search them. You can also check books in and out and record who checked them out.

So far thokbook has only been tested on Linux and Solaris, but it should work on any Unix system that has perl. It works with PostgreSQL, MySQL or a flat file database.

Requirements: Perl 5.8.0 or greater, and the following perl modules (all available from CPAN): DBI, Net::Amazon, Business::ISBN Getopt::Declare and one of DBD::Pg, Bundle::mysql or DBD::CSV, depending on which database you want to use.

There are two parts to Thokbook: a perl module ( and a perl program that forms a command-line interface with the module.

Thokbook is kindly hosted by: SourceForge Logo